The Shropshire County Council.

Anyone that designs a bus time-table that requires the brain of a nuclear physicist to understand should be first against the wall when the revolution comes. And to add to the confusion, the busses never turn up on time and they have the wrong destinations on the front and somtimes the drivers go off route to pick up sandwitches and coffee for their break. And just as a bonus the Shropshire trains are no better... always crowded so full that you can never get a seat!!!!! UUUUUUUUUUk.

We had planned a little excursion to a few picturesque villages just to see the local scenery. Hazel was having a mental breakdown trying to find bus times that would fit...." Oh, Ive got one for 2.30 from Bishops Castle..... wait ...wait... that only runs on the second wednesday every month."..... But we finally got the times of a 4 bus journey sorted out.

The itinerary should have been :

Ludlow ----------> Clun, see the ruined castle, have lunch, catch bus

Clun-------------> Bishops Castle, visit brewries and see 14th century architecture, catch bus

Bishops Castle---> Craven Arms, visit the Secret Hills visitors centre.

Craven Arms------> Ludlow and back to the campsite.

Well the whole of that day was well and truely buggered up by the Shropshire Council. I won't go into details but the cream topping must be arriving at the Secret Hills centre to discover a big board with the legend "Due to unforseen circumstances this centre will not be open till late autumn."

No fossil mammoth, no geology museum, no simulated hot-air balloon trips - just hot air.

All the leaflets we got from the Tourist Information said what a wonderfull place this was, like it was already open. Obviously all pre-production stuff that was screwed up by "unforseen circumstances".

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