I have collected about 300 fossils over the years. They vary in quality from lumps of rock hardly recognisable as anything to ( in my humble opinion ) pretty good specimens. Don't worry, I've only put the better ones on view. I don't have anything really spectacular, just the kind of things that anyone could find.

I have provided two ways to view the items: There is a map where you can choose items from a particular location and there is a full index of everything on show. I have tried to include as much details about each specimen as I can. As time passes I hope to add more items to the collection and more detail to the existing ones.

It is difficult to know the minds of any viewers out there. I have possibly gone Over The Top on details in some of the sections , especially in the Full Index, but if someone learned something from all the waffle then a purpose has been served.

Any comments or suggestions on how to improve these pages are welcome. I will also be glad of any slaps for glaring inaccuracies in classification. Please click the E-Mail link at the left of this page.