I think it starts by accident.

Whether with stamps, trains, coins or fossils: You find a couple of interesting items and want to know a little more. Looking up reference books soon leads to finding good areas where you can add to your embryonic collection. Ultimately, at weekends and when holiday time comes round, maps are consulted and logistics manipulated so that new sites or old productive ones can be visited.

I cannot really call myself an avid fossil collector. For almost twenty years it has been an interesting pastime. Holidays are usually organised round the mutual liking of both my wife (Hazel) and I for history, old castles and church archetecture. Usually somewhere along the way, I get a few days banging the rocks. Over the years I have put together a fairly good and varied collection and learned a lot about evolution, biology, geology and train timetables along the way.

All the fossils in the main display are from my own collection. They were all collected in the U.K. at various locations. The location and stratigraphic position are given in a hyperlinked index. There are a few on a linked page that were given to me by friends travelling abroad. Thanks go out to them.